Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of filings, documents, or services can National Service Information help my company with?

Starting Company
Name Availability Check
File Name Reservation/Registration
File Articles of Incorporation or Organization
Apply for Employer Identification Number
Obtain State IDs
Appoint Registered Agent
Apply for Business Licenses or Permits
File Assumed Name or DBA Certificate
File for Trademark Protection
Publication in newspaper (if required by state)

Growing Company
(Adding state or countries, Merging/Acquiring
Another business)
Certificate of Good Standing
Name availability check
Name Reservation/Registration
File Foreign Qualification/Registration
File Assumed Name or DBA Certificate
Apply for Business Licenses & Permits
Appoint Registered Agent
International Filing and document retrieval
Obtain State Tax IDs
File Amendment
File Evidence of Merger

Running Company
File Annual Report
Renew Business Licenses & Permits
Renew Assumed Name or DBA Registration
Name availability check (if changing names)
Conversion (if changing entity type)
Change Registered Agent
Certificate of Good Standing (lending)
Apostille (foreign country transactions)
Certified copies of Formation Documents

Terminating or Closing Company
Certificate of Good Standing
Tax Clearance
Clean up any outstanding compliance issues
File Notice of Intent to Dissolve
File Withdrawal
File Withdrawal or Evidence of dissolution or merger with each foreign state
Cancel Business Licenses and permits
Cancel Assumed Name or DBA Certificate

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Frequently asked Ohio and Indiana questions

Ohio – Yes

Indiana – Yes

Ohio – 3:00 pm

Indiana – 11:00am and 3:30 pm

Ohio Routine service is 3 -5 business days normally. Holidays and weather may slow down the normal processes. There is no while you wait service available.

Indiana – Documents received by the Secretary before noon will be ready by noon the next business day. Documents that are received after noon will be ready by noon in two business days. While you wait service is no longer available.

Ohio – Expedite Service is available on the following schedule:

Expedite Service 1 – 24-48 hours $100.00 additional state fee plus $20.00 NSI Expedite Fee

Expedite Service 2 – 12 -24 hours $200.00 additional state fee plus $20.00 NSI Expedite Fee

Expedite Service 3 – Same day – $300.00 additional state fee plus $100.00 special courier Fee

Note: Cut-off time for Same Day is 11:00 am Eastern Time

Indiana – Indiana does not offer expedited filing service, even for a fee.

Ohio – Most Ohio Corporations, LLCs and LPs do not have to file an annual report. Ohio PCs, PAs, and LLPs are required to file biennial reports. The PC and PA filings, domestic or foreign, are due between April 1 and July 1 on even numbered years. Ohio LLPs, domestic or foreign, must file between April 1 and July 1 on odd numbered years. Ohio nonprofits must report every 5 years during their anniversary month. Ohio charities must renew annually by the 15th day of the 5th month after the fiscal year end, typically May 15.

Indiana – Every Indiana business must file a biennial (once every two years) report with the Indiana Secretary of State. Foreign and domestic entities have the same filing requirements. Indiana nonprofits must also file business entity reports. These reports are due at the end of the month in which the entity was originally registered to do business in Indiana. Partnerships and charities are not required to file. If you employ a professional fundraiser, you must register with the Indiana Attorney General.

Frequently asked Registered Agent Questions

A Registered Agent is a company appointed by your business entity that is authorized to accept official, legal documents (service of process) and other documents on your behalf. State, court, legal documents are accepted at the registered agent’s place of business and forwarded to you.

A Registered Agent is a statutory requirement of most states for most business types. In order to stay in compliance, in good standing, a business entity must name and maintain an agent.

Accountability – A professional registered agent does not travel, go on vacation, change employment, close business, or relocate out of state. A professional registered agent service is available every day.

Privacy – Avoid having your clients, vendors, or employees encounter a Sheriff or Process Server serving claims at your place of business. For home-based companies, keep your residential address private and not a matter of public record.

Efficiency – Make sure that the right person receives any legal documents in a timely manner to protect your company form any delays that could result in a default judgment against your company.

Adaptability – As your company expands into other States, you have a one-stop source to handle all of your registered agent needs.

Consistency – All of your service of process documents will be handled in the same way. You receive the same notification. Documents are sent per the same instructions. All of your documents are delivered to you in the same manner. There is no need for multiple companies contacting you for instructions, sending multiple bills for differing amounts, or requiring multiple accounts. One account, one delivery method, one price, one billing method.

This part is easy. Contact NSI’s office at 800-235-0337. Our registered agent specialists will ask a few questions, like “which states do you do business in?” We will ask for a list, prepare a price quote, and with your approval, NSI will file the Change of Agent documents in all of your states at no charge to you.

Accounting Questions

PO Box 6293, Marion, OH 43301

Ohio office – 145 Baker Street, Marion, OH 43302

Indiana office – 320 N. Meridian, Suite 817, Indianapolis, IN 46204-1724

Yes. Call NSI’s office at 800-235-0337 and we will help you make that payment. We do charge a convenience fee for credit card payments. If you want to avoid convenience fees, contact our office for ACH information, or mail us a check.

Sorry, no. We are not attorneys and we cannot provide legal advice. Any suggestion or guidance provided by NSI’s staff, is based solely on our individual professional experience in the public records research industry and should not be considered as legal advice.

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