Who We Serve

NSI’s clients represent some of the nation’s largest banks, law firms, mortgage lenders, corporate entities, and service companies. Large or small, NSI serves attorneys, paralegals, corporate staff, lenders, community banks, employers, entrepreneurs. We solve problems for established businesses and businesses who are just getting started.

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What a Law Firm Needs

Closing corporate transactions, providing solutions for your client or case while meeting statutory requirements can be a problem. NSI provides solutions for lawyers, partners, and paralegals operating under legal demands, time constraints and need for accuracy.

NSI’s paralegals and corporate specialists solve problems with corporate filings daily. They provide document preparation and filing services in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. For example, Qualifications, Change of Agent, Name Reservations, Amendments, Mergers and Conversions (Preclearance), Dissolutions, Assumed Business Name and many others. NSI also performs document retrieval service, certified copies, good standings, and tax clearance. Read More

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What a Corporation Needs

What sometimes seems a routine process, can turn into a problem at a moment’s notice. NSI has quick and accurate solutions to your corporate document filing and compliance needs. Every company is different and we supply individual personal attention to your problems.

NSI solves the problem of Registered Agent services in all 50 states and the District of Columbia (and international locations). Our Registered Agent solution keeps you in compliance and provides Service of Process free of charge through First Serve. Additionally, Independent Director and Contract Agency services are available. Read More

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What a Small Business Needs

Establishing, growing, and maintaining your small business while keeping up with your customers, employees and compliance paperwork, can be a problem. NSI is equipped with solutions to help you with your filing and compliance needs throughout the life of your business. We can assist with reserving your unique company name and qualifying in your domestic and additional states.

We assist with mergers and conversions, and when you are ready, we can cancel your entity also. NSI helps companies incorporate and form limited liability companies (LLCs) and other business types. Our formation services are available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Read More

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What a Bank Needs

Financial institutions, banks large and small, mortgage lenders, and equipment financiers are all concerned with the problem of risk. NSI has a full range of due diligence products to mitigate the problem of risk, secure collateral, and minimize exposure.

Our due diligence searches include UCC (County and State), Federal Tax Lien, State Tax Lien, Civil Judgment, Pending Civil Suit, Judgment Lien, Mechanics Lien, Fixture Filings, EPA/ERISA, Lis Pendens, and Property Taxes. Need some other document or search – just let us know. NSI is THE due diligence search specialist in Ohio and Indiana. We are also experienced (most staff have 15 – 20 years) in searching all 50 states. Read More

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